Green Bay Packers: 3 reasons they might miss the playoffs in 2020

Here’s why the Green Bay Packers won’t return to the NFL Playoffs in 2020

After not making the postseason in 2017 and 2018, the Green Bay Packers were out for blood in 2019. They had a close race for the NFC North division title, but won it over the Vikings and also had to fight off the Saints in order to have a first-round bye.

Even though the Packers are coming off a season in which they were one win shy of reaching the Super Bowl, they’re not a lock to make the postseason in 2020 (and yes, I’m aware of the playoffs expanding this year to include one more team).

What could cause the Packers to miss the playoffs this year though?

Green Bay Packers will miss playoffs without enough offensive weapons

While direct competition like the Vikings went out and got new receivers and playmakers, the Packers didn’t do much at all during their draft. They took Jordan Love in the first round, a running back in the second round (which wasn’t even a need), and failed to grab a wide receiver at any point.

The Packers have shown they can get by without elite wide receiver talent, but with Aaron Rodgers aging and the team drafting his potential replacement instead, this could most definitely lead to them missing the postseason.

The NFL is all about airing the football out and the Packers organization failed to give Rodgers a true playmaker at the wide receiver position. If something happens to Davante Adams during the course of the season, Green Bay will have very little to work with offensively.

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