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The Match: Tom Brady’s golf pants retire before him

The Match: Tom Brady’s golf pants retire before him.

Poor Tom Brady … said no one ever.

The former New England Patriots quarterback turned Tampa Bay Buccaneers savior has had a wardrobe malfunction during his appearance in The Match on Sunday and we can all probably relate. The Super Bowl champion was seen bending over for his (not deflated) ball and promptly split his pants.

Now here’s the thing … it was hilarious and we don’t feel the least bit bad laughing at him because he literally is the luckiest man alive. He’s married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen, makes a bajillion dollars and has the prettiest smile in all of the NFL. A little split seam isn’t going to set back Brady.

We are not evil for laughing and neither are you.

Twitter reacts to Tom Brady’s split pants

Not only did Brady split his pants but apparently he’s also pretty terrible at golf, who knew?

He can’t be great everything, can he?

Next: Twitter is crushing Tom Brady for being awful at golf

Brady will make his first appearance for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season and has been highly anticipated. His every move has been scrutinized and rightly so, we all love him (or hate him) or want to be him.

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