Jadeveon Clowney reportedly doesn’t want to play for Browns

Signing Jadeveon Clowney would give the Browns defense a significant boost. Unfortunately, the talented edge rusher doesn’t want to play for Cleveland.

The Browns would love to make Jadeveon Clowney the final touch on their offseason roster makeover. The only problem is that Clowney doesn’t seem to be interested in suiting up for Cleveland in 2020.

According to Adam Schefter, Clowney would already have signed with the Browns if he had any interest in moving to Northeast Ohio. Evidently, Cleveland has already offered the talented edge rusher more money than any other franchise in free agency.

It makes sense to conclude that he would have already cast his lot with the Browns if he saw them as a legitimate destination.

Jadeveon Clowney doesn’t want to sign with Browns

It’s easy to understand why the Browns would have strong interest in Clowney’s services. Lining him up on the other side of the defensive line from Myles Garrett on obvious passing downs would be a nightmare for offensive lines to handle. Clowney may not rack up a ton of sacks on an annual basis, but he consistently puts pressure on the quarterback.

It would be nearly impossible for offenses to double team both Clowney and Garrett on the same play. Either edge rusher would be able to feast against offensive tackles that try to block them without any help.

It’s unclear why Clowney isn’t willing to sign with the Browns. It’s a great destination from a schematic standpoint. Clowney wouldn’t need to be Cleveland’s No. 1 edge rusher. Moving to Cleveland would set him up for instant success.

It’s possible the financials of the deal the Browns offered just don’t meet Clowney’s expectations. His market has been more tepid than he’d hoped when free agency began. The Browns have the salary cap space required to make a strong offer, but they don’t have unlimited financial resources after handing out big contracts to the likes of Austin Hooper and Jack Conklin earlier in free agency.

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The Browns might be well served to leave their offer to Clowney out there for a few more weeks. It’s unclear what other team is going to trump what they’ve already put on the table. Clowney may not want to move to Cleveland, but it may ultimately be his best opportunity to achieve success in 2020.

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