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Carson Wentz comments on George Floyd’s death amid protests in Minneapolis

Carson Wentz, who grew up not far from Minneapolis, has commented on the murder of George Floyd. 

As protests continue in Minneapolis over the death of African-American resident George Floyd, modern day athletes from all walks of life have felt it necessary to comment on such a social dilemma, and one with deadly consequences.

Even Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who typically keeps his chatter to football-specific topics, was compelled to give his two cents on what has become the nation’s most compelling social issue, taking over even COVID-19 at times in the news cycle.

Wentz’s statement, which begins by acknowledging institutional racism in America, gives a realist take on the struggles of black citizens, and the inability of some in the white community to truly recognize these issues.

What did Carson Wentz say about the murder of George Floyd?

Wentz, originally from North Dakota, notes that he went the majority of his life without identifying with people of color. In fact, they were rarely around where he came from. But, his time in Philadelphia has taught him to relate to those he previously had no experience hearing out.

“All I know is that the institutional racism in this country breaks my heart and needs to stop,” Wentz said in a rambling message he posted to Twitter. “Can’t even fathom what the black community has to endure on a daily basis”.

Commenting on topics like George Floyd’s murder requires a certain amount of nuance. It was a lot of words to say not a whole lot more than what has been said and Wentz fails to ask the most important question: What can someone in his position of power do to help create change?

However Wentz, who doesn’t shy away from noting how white and privileged he is, going out of his way to continue to bring attention to an unfamiliar topic to him deserves recognition.

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