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Madden 21 is releasing first look on June 1 for gamers

Madden 21 is going to release its first look on June 1 for its fans.

The Madden franchise is inarguably the most successful of any sports video games created. It’s latest installment, Madden 21, is coming this summer.

However, the first look will drop on June 1, according to the EA Madden Twitter handle.

When is Madden 21 being released?

While we now know when the first look is coming down, the official release date of Madden 21 is unknown. It will likely be in August, as that’s when most of the games for this series have dropped in the past. When it does, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will be on the cover for the first time in his career.

While it has long been considered a curse to grace the Madden cover — much like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx — perhaps that was finally broken for good last season. Going into the year, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs was placed on Madden 20‘s cover, and he went on to win the Super Bowl.

For now, the best part about Madden dropping its first look is getting an idea of any changes the franchise yadeto its graphics, along with some new moves and subtle twists.

As always, gamers can order a copy before the game becomes available in stores. It can be bought online or in a store such as GameStop. Until then, NFL fans can play their Madden 20 and enjoy some training camp action — hopefully — before the start of a new season.

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