Melvin Gordon takes parting shot at Chargers fans and he’s absolutely right

Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon has taken several parting shots at the Los Angeles Chargers.

One offseason after sitting out some early games of the regular season for the Los Angeles Chargers while seeking a new contract, Melvin Gordon clearly has not forgiven his former team.

Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon takes shot at Los Angeles Chargers.

This winter, Gordon signed a two-year deal with the Broncos after his market didn’t develop as he hoped. Of course, signing with the Chargers’ rival in Denver was an extra twist of the proverbial knife to his former team.

On Thursday, the Broncos running back took things up a notch and echoed what many of us already know — there’s far too much to do in Los Angeles to be stuck watching mediocre football.

A year after making it to the AFC Divisional round — and getting plastered by the New England Patriots — the Chargers fell apart, finishing 5-11 and getting the No. 6 overall pick as a result in April’s NFL Draft.

This offseason, Gordon was allowed to leave alongside quarterback Philip Rivers, who exited stage left after 16 seasons with the Bolts. Now, it’s a battle under center between veteran Tyrod Taylor and the man picked with the No. 6 overall choice, Justin Herbert.

As for Gordon, the 27-year-old believes he has moved on to greener pastures, and has spent the last several weeks hyping up second-year quarterback Drew Lock. On the surface, Denver’s offense looks relatively scary.

Not every AFC West team can live up to the Kansas City Chiefs’ firepower, but at the very least they should have some competition in Denver. The Chargers, meanwhile, are playing the long game, and the likes of Gordon get to kick them while they’re down.

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