The 10 most underrated players in Kansas City Chiefs history

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Dave Grayson (45) and safety Johnny Robinson (42) break up a pass intended for San Diego Chargers running back Paul Lowe (23) during a 24-10 Chargers victory on September 23, 1963, at Balboa Stadium in San Diego, California. (Photo by Charles Aqua Viva/Getty Images)

We’re counting down the 10 most underrated players in Kansas City Chiefs history.

It can be a difficult exercise to pin down a definition for the word “underrated.” Can a Hall of Fame player be underrated? What is the measure of validation for a player’s production? Is it finding his way to the Pro Bowl or All-Pro list? Or is it more based on feeling, a subjective metric that just seems like a player isn’t getting as much respect as he should?

While we all might land in different places, here’s our attempt to count down the 10 most underrated players in Kansas City Chiefs history, using the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as the measuring stick for disqualification (meaning, if you’re enshrined, then you’re not included here).

Most underrated players in Kansas City Chiefs history

10. Dave Grayson, defensive back

Are we really putting a former Raiders great on an all-time list celebrating the Chiefs? Yes, we are. Grayson was one of those rare athletes who played on both sides of the storied rivalry (a la Marcus Allen) and became a hero for both franchises.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dave Grayson, it’s part of the frustrating lack of attention on AFL legends on the NFL’s part. Grayson began his career with the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs and put up 19 of his career 48 interceptions in the four seasons he played with the franchise. Unfortunately the Chiefs would trade Grayson for actor/defensive back Fred Williamson, one of the worst deals in franchise history.

Grayson would remain a beast in the secondary with the Raiders, and he’s cemented as the AFL’s all-time leader in interceptions.  He even returned five of them for touchdowns. That ability was also on display as a celebrated kick returner during his 10-year career.

Grayson was a six-time AFL All-Star and is a good example of the lack of respect given to leaders from that early era.

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