Dak Prescott trade: 5 NFL teams who should call Cowboys

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There are five teams who should inquire Dallas Cowboys to get Dak Prescott.

Would the Dallas Cowboys ever consider trading away franchise quarterback Dak Prescott?

More than likely? No.

However, there is the historical risk that high-paid quarterbacks don’t produce Super Bowl titles as they account for too much of a team’s salary cap. Such a thing then prohibits teams from effectively building out the rest of their roster.

If Cowboys owner Jerry Jones buys into that theory — or he simply wants to win this game of contractual chicken at all costs — he and his brass may decide to trade Prescott. We could reach a situation on the flip side of that where the negotiations get so toxic that Prescott taps out and demands a trade.

Keep in mind, these are extreme scenarios unlikely to play out. But given that Prescott isn’t signed, everything is on the table until it isn’t.

A hefty trade offer that also keeps Prescott’s contract off the Cowboys books, may sway the organization to pull the trigger and trade away Prescott. If so, there are five teams who should vie in for the Prescott sweepstakes.

Dak Prescott trade partner: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars need a franchise quarterback. Plus, they may have enough capital to acquire Prescott as they could offer the Cowboys something no other team could, really good draft compensation.

The Jaguars currently hold two first-round draft choices for the 2021 draft. They hold their own and the Los Angeles Rams first-round draft choice via a 2019 trade when they dealt Jalen Ramsey. The Jaguars also hold two fourth-rounder picks, so they can throw in a late pick as well. The Jaguars will likely be one of the worse teams in the NFL in 2020, thus bringing more value to their draft pick.

Perhaps the Cowboys could take that gamble and hope they could use the compensation to trade up for Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 draft.

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