Jadeveon Clowney will regret not signing with Cleveland Browns

Jadeveon Clowney is still a free agent and he may regret not joining the Cleveland Browns.

It’s hard to believe, but Jadeveon Clowney is still a free agent. The former Seattle Seahawk continues to be on the open market as the calendar gets ready to flip to June. There are a plethora of reasons why Clowney remains unsigned, but it has not been for the lack of offers.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Cleveland Browns were the most aggressive team trying to sign him, but apparently Clowney balked at the offer and was hesitant to accept it from Cleveland.

The former No. 1 draft pick is one of the last big names still on the market. His sack numbers were down in 2019, with only three, but Clowney was still very productive on a Seattle team that made it to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

After spending the first five seasons of his career with the Houston Texans, Clowney was traded to Seattle for his contract season. He played well, so it is questionable why he is still available. It could come down to his pickiness about where he wants to play next.

It seems like signing with Cleveland would be a pretty good option for Clowney. So why would he balk at an offer from them, especially if it was the best one he has yet to receive? Clowney would have joined Myles Garrett to form a pretty lethal defensive line in Cleveland.

If Clowney remains unsigned into the summer months, and as training camp approaches, he may begin to regret turning down the Browns’ offer. We don’t know the exact details of the deal, but from what has been reported, it may have been the most substantial offer he’s received.

Obviously Clowney wants to go somewhere he can contend. Cleveland is in a tough NFC North division, with teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers serving as stiff competition. But, the Browns could be an up-and-coming team, and Clowney could have served as a big reason why.

It remains to be seen where Clowney ends up and what kind of contract he gets. But if he is to go to a less attractive destination or takes a low-money deal, many pundits and NFL fans alike will ponder what would’ve happened if Clowney had signed with the Browns.

He could still always change heart and sign with Cleveland if an offer is still on the table. But if he doesn’t end up in Cleveland, there is one thing we know for sure: Clowney will regret not signing with the Browns when he was given the opportunity.

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