Mike Pence forgot he walked out on peaceful NFL protest in 2017, but no one else did

Mike Pence urging peaceful protest backfired on him quicker than left that Colts game in 2017. 

Another instance of police brutality resulting in the death of an unarmed black man has sparked protests around the country. Minneapolis, the city in which George Floyd was held down by the neck until he lost consciousness and later died, was engulfed by the frustrations of a community tired of being legally murdered.

The city burned as a result, and the discourse was just as destructive.

While President Donald Trump was the runaway winner for Most Dangerous Tweet, Vice President Mike Pence quietly won the Occam’s Razor Award for his tweet about peaceful protests being something the United States honors and respects.

Back in 2017 NFL players, inspired by Colin Kaepernick, began kneeling during the national anthem to peacefully bring attention to police brutality and its disproportional effect on the black community. At the height of the White House’s war on this protest, Pence was accused of showing up to an Indianapolis Colts game with the sole intention of being seen walking out as soon as players took a knee during the national anthem.

The simplest reason is probably the right one.

It’s what happens when people with half baked ideas laced in something obvious yet unsaid eventually run out of runway.

NFL and NBA stars join everyone else in calling Mike Pence out

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was among the first professional sports figures to roll his eyes at Pence’s transparent statement.

Eric Reid, who played with Colin Kaepernick when the peaceful protests during the anthem began, also called out Pence.

Celebrities, fans, writers — basically everyone — were also quick to call Pence on his hypocrisy.

Pence may have forgotten that he walked out on a peaceful protest, therefore disrespecting it and contradicting his own statement. No one else did, and it’s a reminder that the internet never forgets.

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