Maxx Crosby got an awesome Raiders tattoo

Maxx Crosby just committed to excellence with a sweet Raiders tattoo.

Maxx Crosby is the embodiment of a Raider.

Crosby overcame his small-school status to put together a remarkable rookie campaign for the Silver and Black. The fourth-round pick out of Eastern Michigan University had 10 sacks in 16 games as yet another hidden gem in Mike Mayock’s 2019 NFL Draft class. Crosby can become a star in Sin City, as he just proclaimed his lifelong support of the Raiders with some fresh ink.

Yes, Crosby just got the Raiders’ iconic emblem tattooed on the back of right arm, just above his elbow. While it looks fantastic, how fantastic will it be if he’s playing for somebody else in his mid-to-late 20s? Though a team logo forever emblazoned on one’s triceps would be a great way to secure a lifetime contract, so would getting 10 sacks annually for the next decade-plus.

Maxx Crosby’s unquestioned loyalty is to the Raiders with new tattoo.

When a professional athlete gets a tattoo of a team’s logo on his body, it’s usually his alma mater’s insignia or one of his favorite childhood teams from the city he grew up near. You may be living the dream playing the sport you love so much, but getting a tattoo of the team you’re currently playing for is about as bold of a statement as you can get. But for Crosby, it works.

Yeah, Jason Terry used to get premeditated Larry O’Brien Trophies tattooed on his body to get his teammates fired up. It was cool when he hit on one with the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks, but what about the other two? Well, one out of three ain’t bad. So we can all be certain Crosby will never play for another NFL team in his life, and certainly not the Kansas City Chiefs or Denver Broncos.

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If it was pretty much any other player on pretty much any other team, we’d crucify the guy for inking his employer on his body when the organization could cut him in the blink of an eyelash. As for Crosby, he has the chance to be the Silver and Black’s nearest MAC equivalent to their dearly beloved Khalil Mack. Crosby has the talent and productivity to make the Raiders a winner again.

Crosby’s latest tattoo is a bold statement, but we wouldn’t expect anything else from the Raiders.

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