Texans need to sign Deshaun Watson before Patrick Mahomes raises the price

If the Houston Texans want to save money, they need to sign Deshaun Watson before Patrick Mahomes

It’s only a matter of time before Patrick Mahomes signs a record-setting deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, with talk of a push toward $40 million or more per year in a new deal. Those discussions seem to be ramping up, pushing a level of urgency for the Houston Texans with Deshaun Watson and the Dallas Cowboys in their ongoing stalemate with Dak Prescott.

Mahomes could wait and see what Watson and/or Prescott gets in a multi-year deal, and his case to top both guys in average annual value is clear. The current top of the market is $35 million per year, for Russell Wilson. Mahomes and Watson could both top $40 million per year.

Right or wrong, Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien has been aggressive in his role as general manager. What was sent to the Miami Dolphins in the trade to get left tackle Laremy Tunsil put the team in a corner, but Tunsil got a three-year, $66 million contract extension ($50 million guaranteed) in late-April.

Houston Texans need to sign Deshaun Watson before Patrick Mahomes

Watson is upbeat about his contract outlook, as one might be when he’s about to cash in big.

“That’s definitely something that is not under the rug,” Watson said, via Mark Berman of FOX 26. “My main focus is just being the best teammate, best leader, best quarterback I can be and whenever that time comes with my agent and the organization, the timing is going to be right.”

When it comes down to it, with a nod to 3 or 4 being the first digit in the number for aesthetic purposes, $3 or $4 million per year in average annual value will be fairly inconsequential when Mahomes, Watson and Prescott ultimately get their new deals. It will be more about who gets a deal first, along with how the guarantees are structured and the proverbial “new money” average looks.

In any case, even if it means they beat the Chiefs to the punch on Mahomes, the Texans need to get Watson inked to a contract extension as soon as possible. Otherwise, even with Watson not in line to top what Mahomes ultimately gets, the price will rise.

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