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Browns should be insulted Jadeveon Clowney reportedly turned down huge contract offer

Jadeveon Clowney doesn’t want the Browns money, and Cleveland should be insulted.

Top free agent pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney is holding out hope for a deal that may not exist. While his financial obligations have decreased somewhat since the start of NFL Free Agency, lowering a bit from his $20 million per-season standard, Clowney still seeks a deal that very few, if any, NFL teams appear willing to match.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently reported that Clowney turned down a chance to play for the Cleveland Browns on a rather lucrative offer. Schefter kept the exact details of the offer close to the vest, but considering the lack of potential suitors for Clowney at this juncture, it’s a little suspect why he wouldn’t have taken a deal that came somewhat close to his asking price.

Why wouldn’t Jadeveon Clowney play for the Browns?

With Myles Garrett opposite him and an emerging secondary behind him, Clowney would be a popular pick to put up Pro Bowl-caliber numbers in Cleveland. However, his mere three sacks from last season are holding the likes of the Seattle Seahawks from devoting the same large sum of money Cleveland has reportedly been willing to send his way.

The Browns culture is on the rebound. While such a statement feels like a freezing cold take in waiting, this Kevin Stefanski-led Cleveland unit seems to be the most talented Browns team in a decade. Clowney should absolutely want to be a part of such a rebuild, even if it’s just in the short term, rather than wade in the waters of unrealistic financial expectations.

Cleveland’s defense is retooled enough without Clowney’s services, but given the spending habits of Andrew Berry this offseason, and their $37 million in cap space as of this writing, taking a shot on the best available talent made sense.

Instead, the Browns can aim for fellow free agent pass-rusher Everson Griffen or play the hand they’ve been dealt. As is, they’re still a legitimate contender in the AFC, with or without Clowney.

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