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Rob Gronkowski loses the WWE 24/7 championship to R-Truth on Raw

Rob Gronkowski loses the WWE 24/7 championship to R-Truth on Raw

After virtually disappearing from WWE since hosting WrestleMania 36 and winning the 24/7 championship there, NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski dropped the championship to R-Truth during a filmed segment that aired on the June 1 edition of Raw.

In the segment, in Foxborough, MA — the home of Gronkowski’s old team he won three Super Bowls with, the New England Patriots — Gronkowski is outside getting assistance in filming a dance to post on TikTok.

Rob Gronkowski loses the WWE 24/7 championship to R-Truth

As Gronkowski is doing the dance, he notices a gardener in the yard and is told he’s just “flipping mulch.” But as it turns out, the man assisting Gronkowski with the video has a referee shirt — and the gardener was actually R-Truth in disguise. R-Truth rolled up Gronkowski for a pin to claim the title.

R-Truth taunts Gronkowski and dances away, and while Gronkowski looks distraught, he’s told to forget the title because he has a new career starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Gronkowski’s 24/7 title run comes to an end at a WWE recognized 57 days after winning the belt on night two of WrestleMania 36 when, as host of the event, he dove onto a cluster of superstars in the host’s viewing area and pinned Mojo Rawley. His title reign is recognized as the longest in the 24/7 title’s young history.

R-Truth, meanwhile, becomes a 36-time 24/7 champion — continuing his runaway status of most runs with the title.

Gronkowski was drafted by the Patriots in 2010 and during his time with the team, he was a four-time First-team All-Pro player and a five-time Pro Bowl player, and he was named to the NFL’s 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.

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Gronkowski retired following the 2018 season, but he has since come out of retirement and has been traded to the Buccaneers — allowing him to play under the quarterback he spent his entire time in New England with: Tom Brady, who signed with Tampa Bay in free agency earlier this year.

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