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Jason Witten responds to Dez Bryant calling him out for not protesting in Austin

Jason Witten made it clear to his former Dallas Cowboys teammate Dez Bryant he’s tired of racial injustices 

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant raised plenty of eyebrows on Sunday, calling out Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, and Jason Witten on Twitter for not attending the protests for racial injustices in Austin, Texas.

Bryant, former teammates with Witten, went on a bit of a rant to express his disappointment in the tight end not being more vocal. Witten, getting ready to begin his 17th season in the NFL, didn’t waste any time in responding.

The new Las Vegas Raiders tight end wanted to make sure everyone, including Bryant, knew he’s all about changes being made.

As expected, Witten went the classy route and instead of starting up a social media war with Bryant, he agreed that changes need to be made and everyone must listen to the communities and the people who have been oppressed for years and years.

Bryant himself appeared thankful Witten took the time to respond and reach out to him directly. It looks like the two players still have tremendous respect for one another both on and off the field.

No word yet if Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones have been able to speak with Bryant. Still, though, it looks like old No. 88’s words struck a chord with Witten and they’re now on the same page.

What could have ended up turning into a nasty feud resulted with two former Cowboys uniting with one another in hopes of inspiring more awareness for racial injustices. Seems like a win-win for everyone involved.

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