Louis Riddick says Patrick Mahomes is ‘elevating’ as transcendent athlete

An ESPN analyst believes Patrick Mahomes is changing the meaning of transcendent by his action in recent days.

Patrick Mahomes is known for being a great quarterback. He’s now being known as a great leader.

Mahomes was a key figure in the NFL players’ video on Thursday night, demanding the league lend its support to their angst with police brutality, systematic oppression of black people and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the video, Mahomes appears twice on his own, asking the NFL to say ‘black lives matter.’

At 24 years old and with endorsement offers coming in constantly, Mahomes has a ton to potentially lose by becoming politically in the eyes of some. He could have stayed quiet but choose to become public in his beliefs. The result was a video less than 24 hours later from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, stating the league stands with its players and their right to peaceful protest.

Why Patrick Mahomes is becoming a transcendent NFL star

On Monday, ESPN analyst and former NFL player Louis Riddick spoke about Mahomes and the impact he had by taking part in the video.

“The fact he is African American and he is lending his face to a cause that is bigger overall than just him,” Riddick said. “I mean, it’s so big. It’s what we’re talking about socially. It kind of adds on to what his credibility factor, to what his credibility quotient is right now.

“…The world right now, the United States right now is looking for leaders, they’re looking for transcendent leaders, people who are committed to the cause. He’s committed to this from a social perspective. He’s obviously committed to what he’s doing from a professional perspective and it’s a perfect marriage that right now is going to take him and elevate him to places that, as Jason (Reid) said, maybe none of us expected.”

In the segment referenced above, Jason Reid of The Undefeated was involved as one of the panel members. Reid wrote a terrific piece on the site earlier in the day, detailing why Mahomes’ involvement was so critical in forcing the league to provide support instead of opposition.

Mahomes won a Super Bowl and the Super Bowl MVP award earlier this year. Yet his greatest accomplishment in so many ways came on Thursday night.

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