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Shaq used Kobe Bryant analogy to inspire New Orleans Saints players to remain united

Shaq sent a powerful message to Saints players and coaches to make sure the team is not divided

Ever since Drew Brees dropped his controversial comments about players kneeling during the National Anthem, it felt like one of the seemingly strongest locker rooms in the NFL was headed towards a nasty rift.

Fortunately for the Saints — and for the greater good — Brees has issued multiple apologies and his teammates with his third being an acknowledgment of his wrongheadedness and a direct shot at Donald Trump. Teammates like Michael Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins, have come out in full support of Brees and it appears a disaster of the soul in New Orleans has been avoided.

Things were so dicey last week that at one point Shaquille O’Neal got involved.

Shaq hopped on a Zoom call with Saints players and coaches recently and used a terrific Kobe Bryant analogy to get his main message across.

Shaq compared his relationship with Kobe to what the Saints need to avoid

In his talk with the team, O’Neal said he and Bryant could have won five more titles together if they didn’t let outside influences get to them. The two were a powerful duo, one of the best the NBA has ever seen, but off-the-court drama really did divide them.

This is what O’Neal doesn’t want to see happen between the Saints and their players. Right after Brees’ initial comments made their way to Twitter, several of his New Orleans teammates blasted him. Jenkins even voiced his anger in an emotional Instagram video. Some analysts out there were even calling for Brees to retire.

Since then, however, things have been flipped and the Saints as a whole appear to be closer than ever.

Add Shaq’s latest speech to the mix and Saints fans have to be buzzing right now. This team has Super Bowl aspirations and it doesn’t look like anything will come in their way from fighting for a return trip to the big game.

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