Matt Ryan drops brutally honest quote trolling Falcons over crowd noise

Matt Ryan trolled his own team when asked about the Falcons pumping in crowd noise with no fans due to COVID-19.

The Atlanta Falcons know the consequences of illegally pumping in crowd noise, but this time around, they may actually be encouraged to do so.

With the COVID-19 pandemic potentially limiting fan exposure at live sporting events for the foreseeable future, the NFL has a rather large decision to make as to whether they’ll allow supporters at stadiums nationwide.

When asked about the potential of playing without fans, most players have stated the obvious — that they’re willing to suit up regardless of the circumstances. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, however, had a unique and rather classic response.

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan referenced the team’s punishment for pumping in crowd noise in 2014.

“I’m not sure our organization should be talking about pumping in crowd noise,” Ryan said. “I think we had a small issue with that a little while ago.”

As Ryan references, the Falcons were fined and docked a fifth-round pick for pumping in crowd noise during the 2014 regular season. Such recklessness wasn’t tolerated by the NFL at the time, but these unique circumstances could make the practice encouraged in the 2020 season.

While the Falcons denied the allegations at the time, the NFL found former Pro Bowl wide receiver Roddy White responsible for adding to the Georgia Dome atmosphere by illegal means.

While rival fans laughed at the Falcons’ expense back then, ironically enough, the tune might change if viewers want anything that resembles an NFL atmosphere in 2020. Networks such as FOX initially tested the reaction to fake crowd noise in their Bundesliga broadcasts, which was met with mixed reviews.

Although the NFL has yet to officially rule on potential fan-less stadiums in the coming year, they’ll be evaluating all their options — even with Ryan’s jokes in mind.

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