Vikings and Bills trading Dalvin Cook trade would solve problems for both teams

With Dalvin Cook threatening to hold out, Minnesota must consider trading him.

The NFL‘s new collective bargaining agreement may have effectively made the art of the holdout as obsolete as lead-based paint and FloRida, but don’t tell Dalvin Cook. The Minnesota Vikings running back stands to make barely over a million bucks in the final year of his rookie deal, and insist on a gigantic extension before he hits unrestricted free agency in March of 2021.

If he insists on holding out past his mandatory report date, however, that free agency dream will not come true. Just read the CBA and weep.

So, how can the Vikings sidestep the most splitting of headaches and avoid both having to pay their man Christian McCaffrey and risking him departing for nothing? They need to call the Buffalo Bills.

Vikings Dalvin Cook to the Bills is a win for all involved

Depending on how bad things get, the Bills may be able to pry Cook away from the Twin Cities for a 2021 first-round pick and call it a day. If they’d rather get things out of the way sooner and have him in place in time for training camp, they need to be prepared to pair that first-rounder with a future fourth-round selection.

That’s no small sum for a running back, and this all contingent on Cook agreeing to sign a giant extension that the Bills are comfortable offering. Threading that needle won’t be easy. But the promise of a new start with a capable young quarterback in Josh Allen — not to mention a reunion with former Vikings wideout Stefon Diggs — could absolutely work in Buffalo’s favor if they’re willing to throw down.

With Devin Singletary needing to make a serious leap in order to ensure the Bills backfield isn’t a disaster in 2020, adding a capable Pro Bowl-quality runner like Cook only solidifies this team as AFC East favorites for the first time in a long, long time.

It comes with a cost. It comes with risks. But in this post-Tom Brady division, there’s never been a better time to go big.

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