Chiefs head coach Andy Reid fully supports Black Lives Matter movement

Andy Reid is in complete support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Andy Reid continues to be one of the greatest human beings to coach in the NFL.

The Super Bowl-winning head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs expressed his full support of the very important Black Lives Matter movement. Reid has long been the ultimate players’ coach, dating back to his days leading the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite former players calling Kansas City a racist town, Reid left absolutely no doubt on what he believes about racial equality.

Chief’s Andy Reid on if Black Lives Matter: “They absolutely matter”.

Reid’s responses were concise, emphatic and to the point. On if Black Lives Matter to him, Reid gave us, “they absolutely matter.” While the racial injustice in this country breaks his heart, he is ecstatic about the young people in this country fighting for racial equality and the end to racism in the United States of America.

Star players of his such as Super Bowl LIV MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes and defensive back Tyrann Mathieu have been outspoken on these very important issues firmly at the forefront of America today. Reid always has his players’ backs, but now it’s more important than ever. We knew he did, but to hear him say it this triumphantly gets us all a little fired up this evening.

Kansas City is poised to be the first back-to-back Super Bowl winner since the New England Patriots pulled if off in 2003-04. Of course, the Chiefs have a tough team to get past in the AFC in the Baltimore Ravens, as well as whomever comes out of the NFC to theoretically meet them in Tampa. While winning on the gridiron is there thing, Reids and the Chiefs continue to win off it.

Reid saying that black lives absolutely matter is exactly what we needed to hear today in the NFL.

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