Jameis Winston’ confidence after throwing 30 interceptions is delusional

Despite throwing a league-high 30 interceptions last season, Jameis Winston’s confidence has never wavered.

Jameis Winston may be taking a backseat role in New Orleans, but he still possesses the confidence of a former No. 1 overall pick.

Winston’s role in Tampa Bay as a turnover machine in Bruce Arians’ offense revealed a need to grow as a decision-maker, something he’ll have the opportunity to do behind the always-reliable Drew Brees in the coming league year.

For now, however, Winston is looking forward to proving his doubters wrong, despite throwing a league-high 30 interceptions last year. Maybe it’s his usual swagger, or the LASIK surgery talking, but Winston still assumes he’s on the right track to one day be immortalized in Canton.

Saints QB Jameis Winston is as confident as ever, but should he be?

Winston’s arm has rarely been a question mark. Rather. it’s his insistence to try and fit the ball into tight windows — and often failing to do so — which led to his departure from Tampa Bay.

His past failures are not lost on him, either, as Winston is willing to embrace change in New Orleans, at least on a short-term basis. Not to mention, his one-year deal worth just over $1 million forces him to do so.

The Florida State product will be competing with Taysom Hill for backup reps, and while the Saints value Hill, Jameis could have the inside track on the job thanks to Sean Payton’s insistence in using Hill in other roles. Winston, meanwhile, is purely a backup quarterback, and one of the best the NFL has to offer, turnovers be damned.

Whether he can ascend the charts to legend status remains to be seen — and seems rather unlikely without a significant change in approach. Yet, confidence will never be an issue with Winston, which is why he’ll continue to get chances in this league based purely on potential.

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