Mitchell Trubisky explains his reaction to hearing the Bears traded for Nick Foles

Mitchell Trubisky is motivated after the Bears traded for Nick Foles this offseason.

If you were wondering if Mitchell Trubisky got the message when the Bears traded for Nick Foles, he did.

In what could be the understatement of the decade, the Mitchell Trubisky era hasn’t gone the way the Chicago Bears anticipated when they made him the second overall pick in 2017.

Not only has he mostly been ineffective at quarterback for the Bears, but seeing Patrick Mahomes (the tenth overall pick in the same draft) and Deshaun Watson (the 12th overall pick) both gone on to do nice things so far is just salt in the wound for Bears fans.

It might have seemed like Trubisky was a lost cause after Chicago traded for Nick Foles this offseason, but it very well might have lit a fire under him.

Kevin Fishbain, Chicago Bears beat writer for The Athletic, tweeted that Trubisky was upset about the acquisition of Foles, but upset in a good way.

What was Mitchell Trubisky’s reaction to the Nick Foles trade?

“I think I was kinda pissed off in a good way. I’ve been motivated ever since. I’ve been motivated since last season,” Trubisky said to the media on Friday. “I’m excited for this year. I think it’ll be a good competition.”

When Trubisky first got to Chicago, he eventually “stole” the starting job from Mike Glennon and ended his rookie season with underwhelming numbers. After a much improved 2018 campaign, Bears fans were buying in, but Trubisky followed that up by disappointing in his third season as a pro while Mahomes went on to win a Super Bowl and Watson played at an extremely high level.

There’s no question that 2020 is a make or break season for Trubisky in Chicago. If he plays well and can keep his job throughout the season, there’s a chance the Bears keep him around. If, however, he gets outplayed by Foles, who – despite the one weird season where he won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia – has mostly proven himself as a career backup, then it’s clear that Chicago needs a fresh start.

Trubisky has talent, there’s no debating that. He has the dual-threat ability where he can use his legs to make plays as well as his arm. The problem has been that he hasn’t been consistent enough and – as unfair as it is to him – he was in a draft class with two quarterbacks who have been franchise changers. Those players are always going to be linked to Trubisky and that’s just something he’s going to have to overcome.

The Bears added Nick Foles to their roster this offseason because they thought he could help at the quarterback position. If the best thing that happens while he’s a Chicago Bear is that it lights a fire under Trubisky, then it’d be hard for Bears fans to be upset about that.

It’ll be interesting to see if Mitchell Trubisky truly is able to elevate his game now that he has true competition behind him. Will he be a member of the Chicago Bears a year from now? Only time will tell.

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