Andy Reid roasts Colin Cowherd for picking Broncos to win AFC West

Andy Reid roasted Colin Cowherd during a live interview on Fox Sports The Herd.

Perhaps Colin Cowherd should not have bet against the defending Super Bowl champions.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach and reining Super Bowl champion Andy Reid joined FOX Sports “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” for an interview on Friday. Cowherd had notoriously picked the Denver Broncos to win the AFC West division in 2020 during a live show a few days earlier. As Cowherd always does, he prefaced his opinion saying it’s still early and that he’s entitled to change his pick.

Reid made sure he let Cowherd have it with his outrageous pick and reminded him who the reining champions are.

”I know you’re picking the Denver Broncos but I can’t wait to jump in and get this thing rolling,” Reid told Cowherd before pointing out his summer button-up shirt. “I thought I put this shirt on to kind of remind you that it’s time to go almost and that you get the right team right.”

The roast from Reid was long overdue for Chiefs fans. Three days before that interview was when Cowherd predicted the Broncos would knock off the Chiefs to take the AFC West in 2020.

”You know in the NFL somebody is going to win the division and we’re going to be shocked. Don’t be shocked if Denver beats Kansas City,” Cowherd said on Tuesday’s show.

Drawing up more schemes to challenge the 2018 NFL MVP and Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes is what the Chiefs have been doing this offseason, Reid said. It something he’s doing with his entire roster to make sure the team continues to grow and improve coming off their championship season.

”That’s what we do and we enjoy doing it. I’ve got a lot of time to do it and we got some really good stuff. I can’t wait,” Reid said.

As a sports fan, one has to wonder if Reid will have something extra drawn up when they face the Broncos just to spite Cowherd. Who knows, they may even have a play named after him.

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