Dwayne Haskins has lost a ton of weight this offseason and looks jacked (Photo)

Dwayne Haskins has worked on his body among other things this offseason.

We’ve been sleeping on Dwayne Haskins have a sensational sophomore season in the NFL.

The first-round pick of the Washington Redskins in the 2019 NFL Draft had a frustrating rookie year out of The Ohio State University. After being a Heisman Trophy finalist and the first first-round quarterback taken out of the Big Ten since Kerry Collins way back in 1995, Haskins looked over his skis and simply not ready to be the face of an NFL franchise as a rookie.

Washington was the worst team in the NFC a season ago, as the team fired its head coach in mid-October and ended up with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. It is a critical season for Haskins, as he wasn’t drafted by this regime and he needs to prove he’s the franchise quarterback owner Daniel Snyder believes he was coming out of Ohio State.

Well, it looks like Haskins has put in the work this offseason. He has supposedly lost 11 pounds and seven percent body fat off his frame. The guy looks shredded and ready to take on whatever the NFL puts in his way. Look for Haskins to experience that much-anticipated pop from his first year to his second year in the league. He looks fantastic!

Dwayne Haskins has transformed his body, but will his game translate?

While looking great with a shirt off is one thing, looking great playing the game of football is a totally different animal. New Redskins head coach Ron Rivera has been impressed with Haskins thus far in this chaotic offseason. Haskins’ Ohio State teammate and current Washington teammate in wide receiver Terry McLaurin was piling on the praise of his good friend as well.

For Washington to get out of the NFC East cellar, the rapport between Haskins and McLaurin will need to be as strong as ever. Washington should have a strong defense, or at least a pass rush, right away under its new defensive-minded head coach. However, defense can only take you so far in the NFL. Haskins knows he has to be better if Washington wants to be taken seriously.

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What we are seeing out of Haskins is newfound maturity. He’s taking care of his body and putting in the work on the field to get better. Maybe he won’t take a premature victory selfie with a fan this year? It’s not like Case Keenum can scurry out on the field to take a knee in victory formation because he’s playing for the Cleveland Browns these days. We can only hope.

Haskins looks good and feels good, but will he play good for Washington? Let’s hope so.

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