5 reasons Giants can win with Daniel Jones in 2020

Here are five reasons the New York Giants can win with Daniel Jones. 

After a positive rookie season, Daniel Jones turned showers of boos into rounds of applause. He compiled 3,027 passing yards with 24 touchdowns throws in 13 games.

Jones sparked the New York Giants in his first start, and the little glimmer of hope that fans had for him became a pulsating beam as the season went on. He had a strong season for a rookie, but he will need to clean up his ball security. He’ll also need to become a better decision-maker in different coverages.

There is still much that Jones has to prove. However, as of right now, it appears that he can be the guy for the Giants, and the team can win with him under center.

Here are the five reasons the New York Giants can win games with Jones in 2020.

5. Confidence

Here is a cliché, yet relevant reason: Jones is confident, and that is half the battle for many professional athletes. He does not appear to overthink, which is a plus, especially if you’re playing professional sports for a New York franchise.

Having that confidence means a few things. Jones can forget negative plays quicker, trust in himself and his skill-set, and establish himself as a true leader. Having such a trait at his age is impressive, and it gains respect within a locker room.

Confidence is also contagious. Teammates feed off each other. If Jones can remain confident and convey that positive mindset to the rest of the team, that alone can help the Giants mold themselves back into winners.

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