Ezekiel Elliott’s mom destroys Facebook troll who mocked positive COVID-19 test

Ezekiel Elliott’s mom, Dawn, did not hold back in turning the tables to expose an internet hater.

When it was revealed on Monday that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was among a handful of NFL players to have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, football fans not limited to the state of Texas surely gnashed their teeth. A setback regarding even a single player runs the risk of delaying the start of the 2020 season, after all.

The good news? Zeke is understood to be asymptomatic — and he’s got a heck of a family unit here to circle the wagons and support him. Leading the charge was his mother, Dawn, who put one particular Faecbook lowlife on blast for daring to insult her son.

And boy, did she ever.

Zeke Ellliott’s mother, Dawn, took a social media hater to the woodshed for daring to insult the Cowboys running back, revealing his identity on Twitter

Do not make mama mad!

For reference, Stacy Elliott is Zeke’s father. Who in the heck is crazy enough even to entertain the idea of ripping a man’s own flesh in blood in his private Facebook messages? This was clearly the work of a hopeless clown lacking in self-awareness and basic decency, and he cannot have possibly known the hurricane that was set to come his way.

That’s right, Paul. The fans of the most popular brand in football now have all the tools they need to descend on you with what Jules Winfield famously called “great vengeance and furious anger.”

We’re not talking about a doxxing here. This man’s home address hasn’t been publicized; that would be out of bounds. But if you come at Mama bear’s cub, you had better expect a pretty serious response.

Let this be a lesson to all the trolls out there: If you mean to dunk on a man needlessly because they tested positive for COVID-19, you’d better brace for the ownage that’s bound to come next.

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