The video of Dallas Goedert being sucker punched is terrifying

Dallas Goedert is no stranger to taking hits on the field, but the Eagles tight end never expected to be blindsided at dinner. 

NFL players like Dallas Goedert are used to protecting themselves from danger on the field. Rarely does the same precautions need to be taken when going out in public. Unfortunately for Goedert, the punch he took at a South Dakota restaurant on Friday night proves that professional athletes can face significant danger off the field too.

The former South Dakota State star was eating at the Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, SD when he was punched out of nowhere by another patron. Goedert was sent to the hospital after being struck but was released without any concerns about long-term effects.

The recent emergence of video showing the punch makes it clear that Goedert was right to seek medical attention. He was given no opportunity to defend himself before the punch was thrown. Eagles officials should feel relieved that Goedert escaped the incident without any serious injuries.

There’s no evidence that Goedert did anything to escalate the incident, but the entire affair still serves as a cold reminder to NFL players about how careful they need to be when they are out in public. Their fame makes them targets for good and bad attention from people who find themselves in their presence.

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The good news for Goedert and the Eagles is that the long-term results of this incident appear to be very minor. The player may be hesitant to go out in public again anytime soon, but the sucker punch he endured won’t have a significant impact on his playing career. He should still be ready to go when the 2020 NFL regular season begins.

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