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Man who sucker punched Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert has already been arrested

Police have arrested the man who sucker punched Dallas Goedert in South Dakota

Over the weekend, disturbing news arrived from South Dakota, as it was revealed Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert was sucker punched by a random guy while he was having dinner with his family. Even more alarming, video of the incident showed Goedert taking a hard fall after he was hit.

Fortunately for the Eagles tight end, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries and isn’t expected to miss any time once Philly reports to camp. As for the guy who delivered that powerful punch, he’s already been arrested for his inexcusable behavior.

Kyle Douglas Hadala has been charged with assault after he punched Dallas Goedert

Aberdeen (South Dakota) Police announced on Monday Kyle Douglas Hadala has indeed been arrested for simple assault. A Floridian, Hadala was caught via a security tape hitting Goedert with a powerful right punch.

The Eagles tight end appeared to be knocked out after taking the blow. He was then taken to a local hospital, but was released shortly after. Goedert, who is from South Dakota and was a standout at South Dakota State, had been back home visiting his family before this unfortunate incident took place.

The 6-5, 255-pounder is getting ready for his third season in the NFL, all with the Eagles. In 2018, he posted 33 receptions for 334 yards and four touchdowns. He followed that up last fall with 58 catches for 607 yards and five scores. It really was a breakout campaign for him in 2019.

As the season went on, Goedert’s chemistry with Carson Wentz kept getting better and better. They’ll look to take things to new levels in 2020. As for the man who sucker punched Goedert, maybe next time he’ll think twice before making such a foolish mistake.

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