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Tom Brady posts grateful Instagram message to dad on Father’s Day

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady shouted out his dad on social media.

Tom Brady, Sr. has never been shy about providing updates on his son’s NFL career to the media, and despite some instances where TB12 had to ask his father to tone things down a bit, the six-time Super Bowl champion still appreciates his old man, especially on Father’s Day.

Brady, Sr. is notoriously close with his son, and one of the only members of his inner circle who has some influence over his life decisions. As is expected with father and son, Brady leans on his father when he needs him most.

Brady even called his father his “biggest hero” prior to Super Bowl LI, and backed that up with strong words in his favor on Father’s Day.

The 42-year-old gave us a glimpse into his childhood, and as is the case with many father-son relationships, it’s the moments behind the scenes on the way to Brady’s Super Bowl glory that he remembers so fondly. However, it’s telling that out of the many photographs the two assuredly have together, Brady chose one from as recent as six years ago, in the heart of his run with the New England Patriots.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady honored his dad on Father’s Day via Instagram.

The best parents are able to take a step back when necessary, especially at Brady’s age. They’re ready when called upon to apply their knowledge and experience. Brady ended his statement with perhaps the best compliment of all, saying he hopes he can emulate his father’s parenting style with his own kids.

In the end, hearing such a statement is every father’s end goal, and the Brady family has established just that.

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