Chicago Bears fans just got more proof Mitch Trubisky will the starting quarterback in 2020

Chicago Bears fans are hoping their days of watching Mitchell Trubisky are over, but Ted Ginn Jr has a sobering outlook. 

It seems that Mitchell Trubisky’s days are numbered in Chicago.

After three tremendously disappointing seasons, Bears fans are ready to cut their losses and find the next guy who can be the quarterback of the future. Trubisky has been woefully underwhelming in his career since being drafted No. 2 overall in 2016, with things like being picked over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson going even further to not help his case.

Chicago traded for Nick Foles this offseason to create a competition for the starting job in 2020, something that was bittersweet for Bears fans. While getting a potential replacement for Trubisky was the biggest wish for most fans, the Bears picking as unsexy an option as they did (a bloated contract over Cam Newton) soured the goodwill.

Still, the point remains that many are expecting this to be the end of the line in Chicago for Trubisky. Not among that crowd, however, is new Chicago Bears receiver Ted Ginn Jr., who thinks Trubisky isn’t getting replaced just yet.

Ted Ginn Jr. thinks Mitchell Trubisky will be the Chicago Bears starting QB

“I believe Trubisky is going to be our starter,” Ginn Jr. said on Good Morning Football. “I’m willing to play for whoever it is and fight for whoever it is.”

How long Trubisky remains the starter is yet to be seen. With COVID-19 delaying teams from going about their normal offseason routines, there haven’t been as many opportunities to get visual evidence that Foles is a better starter in the Bears offense than Trubisky is. If anything, the truncated offseason bodes well for the Bears rolling with Trubisky to start the season if for no other reason than he’s the more experienced quarterback.

That’s an extreme default, but in the most technical sense means Trubisky could be the starter for the Bears. If the last few years of his career have proven anything, though, it’s that such an opportunity will only cement him as a failure in Chicago and make moving on even easier than it already seemed to be.

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