Ha Ha Clinton-Dix freaking out over bear encounter proves he’s one of us (video)

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix ran into a bear on an electric scooter, and his response was exactly what it should have been.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix may terrify wide receivers heading across the middle, but one video should change all of that. The Dallas Cowboys safety was riding his electric scooter through a side street, and came across a disinterested opponent.

Clinton-Dix is familiar with Bears — he used to play for their clan in Chicago. However, he was clearly unfamiliar with their type in the wild. On Monday night around 8:45 p.m., Clinton-Dix was hilariously caught on a security camera scooting away as quickly as humanly possible after running into a mama bear and her cub.

Cowboys safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix wanted nothing to do with two bears he ran into on the street.

Clinton-Dix is lucky here on two counts: First, mama Bear did not see him on time. The two mammals were preoccupied with wondering the backstreets in search of food. Evidently, the 27-year-old Clinton-Dix didn’t qualify as such.

Second, Clinton-Dix had a scooter! As goofy as it looks on camera, Clinton-Dix was able to remove himself from danger at a quicker pace than his usual foot-speed, even as an NFL player who once ran a 4.5 40-yard dash, by ghosting his scooter in the direction of the bears.

“I play D # gotta be ready to go,” Clinton-Dix said of the incident. “A lil high on my flip turn but the drive was there. I ain’t know how many was over there.”

On second look, that doesn’t seem intentional. And as much as Clinton-Dix can try and play this off as smooth, he reacted as any of us would — startled, and afraid for our lives.

The Alabama product signed with Dallas on a one-year contract worth just under $4 million this offseason. He’d rather not risk that money thanks to a Bear attack.

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