Gregg Williams defends Jamal Adams amid trade rumors

Jamal Adams isn’t happy in his current situation and wants a new deal and a new team. His defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, backs his decision.

It hasn’t been a secret this offseason that Jamal Adams wants out of New York. There have been trade rumors flying over the past few weeks with where Adams could end up playing in 2020 and beyond.

This all started because Adams wanted a new deal and made it known that not only did he want to be traded, but he wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Gregg Williams, Adams’ defensive coordinator in New York, is supportive of his star player’s decision and is optimistic about him returning to the Jets.

“I want him to feel good about everything that’s going on,” he said. “He knows when he gets inside the door and inside the white lines, there’s a chemistry that’s outstanding. I’ve been through this before with other players. You can’t get too emotional. I can’t. I’ve got to stay levelheaded with that and just know that I can’t wait to get a chance to coach him again.”

Adams is only 24 years old and is one of the best, young safeties in the league. The Jets have control over him through the 2021 season and then it wouldn’t be shocking if they slapped the franchise tag on him. Adams would like to avoid that scenario though. He’s played three solid seasons for the Jets and has only missed two starts in his career (with both of those missed starts coming this past season).

Williams was hired as the Jets defensive coordinator in 2019 after serving as the Browns interim head coach in 2018. After not getting the head coaching job in Cleveland (he seriously got beat out by Freddie Kitchens), he ended up in New York as their defensive coordinator and helped turn them into a top ten defense. It’s a no brainer why he wants Adams to stay with the Jets because he’s one of their brightest young stars.

Adams is an important player for the Jets, having been their first round pick (sixth overall) in the 2017 NFL Draft and being named All-Pro once in his young career. A big reason as to why Adams wants out of his current situation is because of head coach Adam Gase, who Adams does not respect and does not feel the team will ever win as long as he is in charge.

Jamal Adams has made his feelings public and he does not feel great about his current situation and Gregg Williams understands his frustrations, but definitely wants to see one of his best players stick with the team for the long-haul.

The Jets should definitely look to keep Adams around, but if he’s not happy there, Williams might have to accept that it’s best to let him play elsewhere.

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