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Brett Favre is suddenly a Jordan Love fan and knows how Packers should use him

Packers legend Brett Favre wants to see Green Bay use Jordan Love like Taysom Hill

Thousands of Packers fans out there remain up in arms after the Green Bay Packers shockingly selected Utah State quarterback Jordan Love with their first-round pick. Seriously, almost no one saw it coming since Aaron Rodgers remains one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

What’s done is done and the team can only move forward and try to win another Super Bowl with Rodgers while he remains the starter. Yet, one team legend doesn’t think Love will just be riding the pine this year. Nope, Brett Favre recently said the youngster needs to see the field this year, with him hoping Matt LaFleur takes a page out of Sean Payton’s book.

How would Packers fans feel about Love taking snaps away from Aaron Rodgers?

Whoa, who saw this take coming? There’s no questioning Love’s athleticism. The kid can really do it all on the field. But, do Packers fans think it would be a good idea for him to take snaps away from Rodgers to throw off opposing defenses? It very well may not please Rodgers, but Favre thinks it could be a golden idea.

“I think there’s ways to incorporate it much like Taysom Hill with the Saints,” Favre said via “Use him as a halfback, a halfback pass, but occasionally let him run it just to show that you’ll do that. Something like that.”

When Rodgers is behind center, defenses have enough problems trying to stop the Packers as it is. Imagine if Love then enters the fold in different packages. Defensive coordinators would be living a nightmare if that were to happen.

Right now, this may just prove to be wishful thinking from Favre. However, if LaFleur is able to come up with something to get Love on the field like Hill, it’d spell disaster for the rest of the NFC.

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