First look at Julio Jones in Falcons new gradient uniforms is all the eye emojis

Julio Jones makes the Atlanta Falcons’ new gradient uniforms look good.

Who doesn’t love Julio Jones?

For a decade, the man has gone to work in the Atlanta Falcons‘ receiving corps, becoming the most accomplished pass-catcher in the franchise’s 50-plus year history. With plenty still left in the tank, Jones has already assured himself a future first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Fame induction as arguably the greatest player in franchise history. He simply makes the Falcons look good.

This offseason, the Dirty Birds were one of a handful of teams to undergo a full-blown uniform change. Of all the ones that were released, Atlanta had dealt with more mixed reviews that most. While most people dug the black jerseys, especially the iconic 1990s “Back in Black” retros, the gradient jersey was the one most people had a hard time stomaching, including yours truly.

While putting Pro Bowl defensive tackle and Falcons legacy Grady Jarrett in the gradient did not go over well, seeing Jones in action wearing these threads kind of makes you wonder that maybe these aren’t the worst uniforms in the world? Winning makes any jersey look good, and perhaps Jones can give the Dirty Birds a couple of W’s rocking these kits in the coming years?

Julio Jones pulls of the Atlanta Falcons’ new gradient jerseys marvelously.

Yeah, we all get how Photoshop works, we’re not dummies. However, seeing Jones streak down the field in a jersey that fades from red to black, it’s growing on me and I kind of don’t hate it. Is being a Falcons fan an equivalent of NFL Stockholm Syndrome? I wish I could say it wasn’t, but I know what I signed up for many years ago. Regardless, Jones in the gradient isn’t too shabby.

We get it in that it’s very much a Color Rush concept. If the Falcons were wearing these every fall Sunday, we’d have a huge problem because this isn’t a turn of the century NBA team with shorts don’t to our ankles. Though it gives off tremendous Any Given Sunday vibes, we should all be thankful these jerseys are better than the Blake Bortles cat vomit kits of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Had Jones been the one to debut this jersey instead of Jarrett, maybe we would have hated it less initially? Jones has that kind of effect on us. He’s been one of the three best wide receivers for the better part of decade. Why is it always him and two other flavors of the year? He’s football greatness in pads, and that’s illustrated by him making a risky gradient jersey look good.

Jones just sold a bunch of No. 11 gradient jerseys in the Metro Atlanta area on Monday afternoon.

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