Cam Newton drops video introducing himself to Patriots

Cam Newton drops a video welcoming himself to the New England Patriots.

Cam Newton is showing excitement for his next journey with the New England Patriots.

On Sunday, Newton agreed to a one-year deal to sign with the New England Patriots. After spending his first nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers, Newton dropped a farewell YouTube video on Monday.

A video he titles “Farewell Carolina, Hello New England.”

Before the highlights of Newton begin to roll, there’s a VLog of himself working out where he spills the beans on his exit with the Panthers. The video shows a recording date of March 17, while he was exercising on the treadmill. He addresses the news that broke then, when reports stated Newton demands a trade from the Panthers.

”Right now, I’m angry. I feel let down but at the same time I’m not bitter,” Newton said.  “I know [sic] since the first day I came into this league that this day was going to come.”

Newton quoted the late music artist Nipsey Hussle “the marathon is continuous.”

“I never once wanted to leave Carolina,” Newton said.

When the Panthers made it clear to him that they were looking to move on, he then asked for a trade. Newton re-emphasized he is not “bitter” and appreciates their new head coach Matt Rhule and Panthers owner David Tepper, who took over the team in 2018.

”You can trust and know that I’m not going to be that sour person, bruh. It’s all love. It’s always been love and it is always going to be love. One love,” Newton said.

The video then shows a farewell to the Panthers showing highlights and folks speaking of Newton’s impact in the community. It later transitions to clips of Newton’s surgery and how he was been working out this offseason to put his best effort out there in 2020 for the New England Patriots. After a workout clips this offseason, Newton appears for one last message to close out the video.

“I have so much on my mind right now, but I’m going to keep this s**t brief. I’m at your neck,” Newton said.

The last image that appears on the screen is the Patriots logo with the words “Cam Newton New England Patriots 2020” appearing on screen.

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