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Aaron Rodgers visits family who lost 3-year-old girl to brain cancer

Aaron Rodgers visited the family of a little girl who tragically passed away from cancer

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best guys in the NFL both on and off the field. There’s no questioning his rocket for an arm. At the same time, you can’t knock his personality or amazing heart. Rodgers showcased just how great of a guy he is last week.

Influencer Ashley Stock unfortunately lost her three-year-old daughter after her battle with cancer. Once the Green Bay Packers star heard of the news and that the family was rocked by the situation, he decided to pay the Stock clan a visit to try and cheer them up. Simply awesome.

Aaron Rodgers helped bring a smile to the faces of a disheartened family

Stock was so appreciative of Rodgers’ incredible act of kindness, she knew she had to show him some love on her Instagram account. As you can see in the photos, the two little boys with Rodgers were all smiles during his trip to see them.

Imagine, both those boys just had to say goodbye to their little sister. That amount of pain can’t even be described. Once Rodgers learned of this, he knew he had to do something to try and lift their spirits. That’s just the kind of guys he is.

Throughout the offseason, much has been made about the Packers’ decision to draft Jordan Love and not take a wide receiver in any of the rounds. Still, Rodgers has been supportive of Love and said he’ll help him out in any way he can.

Rumors swirled Rodgers was furious with the organization, but he wasted no time in putting those fires out. Add that, plus his recent visit to the Stock family, and you can tell the former NFL MVP is all about doing the right thing.

As he gets ready for the new season, he’ll have tons of fans across the country cheering him on. You better believe the Stocks will be rooting him on every Sunday as well.

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