FedEx applies pressure on Washington Redskins to change team name

Dan Snyder might finally have to give in and change the Washington Redskins’ offensive team name.

The Washington football franchise, more commonly referred to as the Washington Redskins, has received heat for decades over the use of slur as their primary reference. Dan Snyder, who took over as owner from Jack Kent Cook, kept his predecessors stubborn and often in offensively steadfast denial over any attempt to change the team name and logo of his franchise. This is despite efforts from Native American groups to loudly voice their dissent.

Unfortunately, in the NFL, money is the only real motivating factor. By relinquishing their franchising rights of the term “Redskins,” Snyder would take a moderate financial hit and would also have to go through a (in his view) tiring rebranding process. Now, he may not have a choice but to finally embrace change.

FedEx, which owns the naming rights for the Washington Redskins’ stadium, is putting pressure on Dan Snyder to change the team name.

FedEx made their viewpoint on the debate as clear as ever in a short, poignant statement.

“We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name,” a FedEx spokesperson said.

FedEx now joins the likes of Nike and PepsiCo. as major Washington investors who are considering pulling their sponsorship should Snyder not abide by their terms. It’s the first time in memory that corporations, rather than groups and independent actors, are making their voices heard. Sadly, the financial backing is about the only way Snyder would actually consider the ends no longer justifying the means in terms of the “Redskins” franchising rights.

If anything, such an influential motive from corporations speaks to the times we live in, where the voices of minorities are no longer left in the background of American society. Hopefully, Snyder finally gives in.

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