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Packers CEO’s comments on offseason timeline should serve as warning for NFL fans

The NFL offseason is already behind schedule per the Packers’ Mark Murphy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the sports world for a loop, and that’s unlikely to end anytime soon. With MLB, NBA and NHL seasons hopefully getting underway soon, the NFL will have a precedent to follow should they wish to play their campaign in full. The NFL offseason, however, is under the same stringent guidelines as the return to action of other major sports.

Offseason workouts have been cancelled, and several NFL stars have already tested positive for COVID-19 thanks in part to their personal training sessions. With training camp next on the calendar, Packers CEO Mark Murphy acknowledged that teams are close to being behind schedule, and it should only get worse from here.

Packers CEO Mark Murphy has grim quote on NFL offseason activities.

Murphy stated that while the NFL has been able to keep up and save face to this point, it’ll be tough keep up such a pace as the regular season nears.

“NFL teams were able to handle free agency, the draft and their entire offseason programs virtually. We’ve made decisions along the way, but the major ones we’ve been able to put off until we have more information. With so much uncertainty, it has made sense that we have not made decisions until we absolutely have to. As we near the start of training camp, though, time is no longer on our side,” Murphy said per

Rookies are scheduled to report to practice on July 21, with veterans set to be in Green Bay by July 28. In the short span of a few weeks, the NFL will find out if it’s feasible to start the season on time. If camp is pushed back beyond just a few days, or if COVID-19 cases continue to rise nationwide, the league’s vision for its 2020 year could be a wash.

As tough as that is for football fans to hear, it’s a legitimate discussion being had in every professional sports league right now — do the ends justify the means.

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