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DeSean Jackson posts emotional video apology for his offensive Instagram posts

DeSean Jackson is making headlines for all the wrong reasons after posting antisemitic content.

Veteran Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has received a ton of backlash on Tuesday after he inexplicably posted anti-semitic quotes on his Instagram story that he believed were quotes from Adolf Hitler.

He posted those quotes from the account of Louis Farrakhan, who has been responsible for countless antisemitic statements over the years. Hours after his posts went viral, Jackson has taken to Instagram once again, this time sending out an emotional video to apologize for his actions.

Eagles release a statement and call DeSean Jackson’s post appalling.

In his caption, Jackson admitted he didn’t know exactly what was being said in his original Instagram stories. He goes on to say that society should be going the extra mile to fight against all kinds of racism and antisemitism.

From the video, you can tell Jackson was extremely remorseful for his behavior and rightfully so. He caused an uproar on social media, which led the Eagles to also release a team statement letting their receiver know just how disappointed they are with his choices.

As of now, it doesn’t look like Jackson will be fined or suspended by the Eagles, but plenty of folks are calling for that to happen. Only time will tell if Jackson’s incomprehensible decision will result in serious consequences.

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