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Buffalo writer felt the need to tell us Josh Allen won’t get Patrick Mahomes money

If you expected Josh Allen’s contract to come close to Patrick Mahomes’, you’re in for disappointment.

The Kansas Chiefs shocked the world by signing Patrick Mahomes to a 10-year contract worth potentially up to $500 million, an incomprehensible number and the largest contract in sports history.

There are tons of angles to consider here: How does the contract compare to other top-paid athletes? Is Mahomes, or any NFL player for that matter, worth the money? Considering the latter question, some players may come to mind in Mahomes’ region, but Josh Allen is not one of them.

If you wanted to be sure, though, Jay Skurski of The Buffalo News let us all know that is the case. Skurski cites Mahomes’ Super Bowl trophy, MVP award and reputation as one of the league’s fastest rising quarterbacks in history as reasons for that. Allen is a good quarterback with a bright future, but not quite with merit like Mahomes. As such, he will come nowhere close to Mahomes’ contract when an extension is in store.

Josh Allen is unlikely to receive an offer from the Bills like Patrick Mahomes’.

Skurski knows that too, which he pointed out in his Buffalo News article.

Drawing any conclusions on what Mahomes’ contract might mean for Allen is, at this point, a waste of time.

If discussing the implications is pointless, then why do it?

Well, that’s not for us to decide. Regardless, Skurski does make some interesting points, primarily in what Mahomes’ contract means for two other quarterbacks due to be paid, Dak Prescott and DeShaun Watson, while drawing insightful comparisons as well.

Maybe the headline should have been a little different, though.

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