Can you blame Stefon Diggs for not being comfortable returning to NFL in 2020?

Stefon Diggs isn’t comfortable with the NFL season starting.

Let’s add Stefon Diggs to the long list of professional athletes who are hesitant to get back to work while talks of another pandemic high and still questionable safety protocol. The Bills receiver took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to voice some of his concerns about the return to play.

“There’s so many unanswered questions with this upcoming season. I’d be lying if I said I was comfortable starting back up,” he wrote. “I’ve never played a game with zero fans in the stands. Even in little league we at least had parents and other family members… this will be weird if it happens.”

Other professional athletes have also voiced their COVID-19 concerns

Diggs isn’t the only player who isn’t entirely comfortable getting back to work. Just yesterday MLB’s Mookie Betts said he too wasn’t comfortable with the safety protocol at hand.

“I can’t say I’m confident because I haven’t been shown yet,” Betts told the media. “It’s kinda tough to be confident in something that hasn’t proved to be fool-proof.”

Can you really blame them? Positive tests are popping up in every sport around the United States, including massive amounts in the MLB which looks to return for a shortened season on July 23. Major cities are shutting back down and cases are beginning to spike again.

Diggs has plenty of time to decide if he’ll play in 2020 or not and we’re sure to see more NFL players voicing their concerns as the NFL season quickly approaches.

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