Could the Eagles trade for Raheem Mostert?

Raheem Mostert has demanded a trade out of San Francisco, but the Eagles don’t make much sense as a trade partner.

Despite signing his current three-year contract with the 49ers just last offseason, Raheem Mostert wants a raise to become the highest-paid running back on the team.

With the 49ers unlikely to oblige, Mostert has requested a trade out by the Bay, in hopes of landing a higher salary elsewhere.

While the Philadelphia Eagles could use some running back help behind Miles Sanders, Mostert doesn’t make much sense, as Philly wouldn’t be able to afford his cap hit in the years to come, especially if they give him a new deal.

Could the Philadelphia Eagles trade for Raheem Mostert?

In short, no way. One look at the Eagles future cap commitments shows they’re going to struggle in the short-term to add much talent to the roster.

Thanks in part to Carson Wentz’s massive deal, and a couple of other shortsighted contracts, Philadelphia is scheduled to be *reads twice* $50 million over the bar in 2021, per OverTheCap. No running back need is significant enough to justify spending money on when the Eagles are going to be in a position of cutting costs moving forward.

Mostert’s timing here isn’t the best, as any draft capital the 49ers recover, they can’t use until April of 2021. Not to mention, they’d very much rather have Mostert on the roster, as the likes of Tevin Coleman and Jalen Hurd leave much to be desired in the backfield. John Lynch has the cap room to give Mostert some of the raise he’s asking for.

In 2020, the 28-year-old is expected to make around $2.8 million. Per Ian Rapoport, his request is to be the highest-paid back on the team, which would put him at around $5 million per season.

The Eagles, for certain, are not in a position to give him that raise.

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