DeSean Jackson fined, but not cut by Eagles after ‘constructive conversations’

The Eagles have decided not to cut wide receiver DeSean Jackson for now.

Earlier this week, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson posted an anti-semitic quote which was falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler on his Instagram account. Following the backlash, Jackson released two public apologies and promised that he’d educate himself on the Jewish religion. So far, the NFL receiver has fulfilled his guarantee.

Jackson met with the Creative Community for Peace organization, a group fighting anti-Semitism, on Thursday. Additionally, Jackson is set to speak with 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, Edward Mosberg, over a Zoom call. After discussing his intentions with the Eagles, the franchise has opted to fine him, but not release the veteran just yet.

DeSean Jackson taking the necessary steps to educate himself

Following Jackson’s post on Instagram, Mosberg sent a letter to the Eagles wideout to invite him to visit Nazi concentration camps, with the purpose of showing how pushing anti-Semitic comments can lead to destruction. Mosberg survived numerous concentration camps, including Mauthausen in Austria, while his late wife was escaped a camp in Auschwitz.

Jackson has since deleted the aforementioned Instagram post, but also shared quotes from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who is a noted anti-Semite.

On Thursday, New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman sent out an invitation to Jackson for the two to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum and the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington DC to educate one another. Edelman tweeted out on Friday that the two spoke and are organizing a meeting at a later date.

Jackson’s initial comments were reprehensible. But, he learned from his mistake and he’s shown that he’s willing to take the necessary steps to educate himself on the Jewish religion. As tough as it may be for some to give him a second chance, it appears Jackson himself is taking the necessary steps to avoid such a catastrophic error in judgement in the future.

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