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Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020: 5-Round PPR, 10-team, version 1.0

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LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 30: Nina Bregvadze (C) and guests attend the Girls Guide To Fantasy Football Draft Party at KessPro Studios on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images)

As the excitement for football season approaches, here is a 2020 Fantasy Football mock draft going five rounds with 10 teams is in order, the first in a series.

Fantasy football has become the biggest staple to football season outside of the game itself. As we approach the middle of July, it’s time for drafters to start thinking about their hopeful teams and who they want to have their eyes on in their upcoming drafts. While many should expect Christian McCaffrey to be drafted at number one overall in their respective drafts, it’s what follows afterward that creates some thought and possible nervousness as they don’t want to place last in their league — again.

Thankfully, for the second year as part of the FanSided family, I am here to hopefully help you draft a team worthy of championship glory. The first round may not be where you struggle, but it’s the third, fourth, and fifth that can make or break your team all year. In this mock draft, we draft 10 teams in a five-round setting, attempting to follow a specific plan for each so that they can all present a unique result.

Also, discussing why certain players should be appreciated more than average draft positions and experts have them, based on specific trends and their numbers in the years prior. There’s no guarantee this mock draft necessarily brings you to the promised land. A lot of changes through the season and moves during the season can help, but if you don’t draft from your position well, you can wish that hopeful success goodbye and be on the receiving end of your league’s punishment for last place.

Fantasy football is supposed to be fun. Well, winning is what makes it fun and that’s what the first edition of this mock draft hopes to deliver for you down the line. Here is the first round of the mock draft and so-on of the mock draft with the reasoning behind the selections!

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