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Josh Allen has more throwing power than Patrick Mahomes in Madden 21

Madden 21 has made a quizzical decision by giving Josh Allen more throwing power than Patrick Mahomes.

With a 99 rating overall, Madden 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes should be as unstoppable in Madden 21. Yet the only NFL video game franchise on the market decided to make a head-scratching decision by giving another young quarterback a higher throw power rating than the Super Bowl champion.

Mahomes is rated 97 in throw power, which is great, no doubt. But there’s someone else rated higher, and that quarterback happens to be Buffalo Bills’ signal-caller Josh Allen.

While Allen has a powerful arm, rating him higher than Mahomes in arm strength is absolutely laughable. There is nobody in the NFL with a cannon quite like Mahomes. He’s even surpassed Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford in that respect, blowing them out of the water since starting in 2018.

Stafford and Rodgers, by the way, are rated 94 in arm strength. And honestly, they should be rated higher in this category than Allen.

Yes, it’s great watching Allen hit deep shots to the likes of Robert Foster and John Brown, but his deep accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. And that’s part of the caveat with throw power. Anyone can zip the ball far down the field, but can they do it accurately?

And more importantly, can they fit the ball into tight windows with the velocity necessary to beat two converging defenders? Allen has yet to show he can consistently do this. He even had the worst completion percentage in the NFL last season. But maybe that played a role in his throw power being rated over Mahomes’, since it plays into him being a gunslinger who lacks accuracy and makes up for it in arm strength.

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Except he doesn’t quite do that. Meanwhile, Mahomes is the total package, having finished fourth in the NFL in yards per attempt and yards per completion despite dealing with injuries in 2019.

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