Allen Robinson is the most underrated receiver in the NFL

The Chicago Bears No. 1 wideout Allen Robinson is NFL’s most underrated target.

When people talk about the better receivers in the NFL quite often there is one talent who’s name is left out the conversation…and that’s Allen Robinson of the Chicago Bears.

Perhaps if Robinson played for an average to above-average quarterback he’d get the recognition he deserved. Thus far in his career, he has been handicapped with young-inconsistent quarterbacks whether it’s Mitch Trubisky or Blake Bortles during his Jacksonville Jaguar days. Through it all, Robinson has been productive when he gets his targets. In 2015, he made the Pro Bowl with 80 receptions, 1400 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns with Bortles as his passer.

The 26-year-old has a montage of athletic catches throughout his career. Robinson can either leap past or over a defender to come up with a spectacular catch. He’s proven to be effective on the 50-50 balls to stretch the field and on fade routes in red zone situations. Robinson was listed at number 31 in the NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2016 list.

While his numbers have dropped since 2015, Robinson isn’t to blame. In 2019, the Bears ranked 29th in points per game and 25th in passing yards per game. Still, Robinson was productive when given the opportunity as he managed to snag 98 catches, 1147 receiving yards and seven touchdowns.

Only time will tell if Nick Foles will become the quarterback in Chicago that will help unleash Robinson. Robinson has show he can still be an impact player in a bottom tier offense. If the Bears can manage to be an average to an-above average offense, Robinson may have a Pro Bowl season in 2020 to remind folks that he is still amongst the best receivers in the league.

With Robinson showing no signs of slowing down skill wise, the wideout is set to turn 27 in August as he is just now entering his prime.

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