Tyreek Hill gives himself the Crying Jordan treatment after getting Moss’d

Tyreek Hill gives himself the Crying Jordan after getting Moss’d by a teenager.

Tyreek Hill roasts himself on Twitter with a Crying Jordan post the same day he was Moss’d by a teenager.

On Monday, a video surfaced on Twitter of a teenager coming up with a one handed catch over the Kansas City Chiefs star receiver Hill during a football camp activity. A receiver leaping over a defender for a nasty catch in a man-to-man situation is known as getting Moss’d. A term coined after Hall of Fame wideout Randy Moss, who rose to fame since his rookie year for Moss-ing players. Not too long after Hill opened up about how it feels to get Moss’d, Hill chose to roast himself on his own Twitter account.

Hill changed his profile picture to a photo of a Crying Jordan face photoshopped over his own face. The Crying Jordan face is a popular social media roasting meme that refers to when Michael Jordan cried during his Hall of Fame enshrinement speech in 2009.

Not only was Hill’s tweet filled with comments from his followers dropping crying-laughing emojis, but his teammate and Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes got in on the action.

Mahomes replied to Hill’s profile picture change with a gif of boxing legend Mike Tyson laughing and clapping.

After getting Moss’d it is safe to say the Chiefs are glad Hill lines up on the offensive side as a receiver as a opposed to a lining up as a cornerback on defensive. With Hill at corner the Chiefs would never be able to call man-to-man coverage plays.

While Hill will probably get teased by his teammates once training camp begins, they may not be able to roast him anymore than he has already done to himself with the Crying Jordan. In any case, the best way for Hill to divert attention away from himself is to Moss one of his teammates on the first day of training camp.

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