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Cowboys have established final contract offer for Dak Prescott

Will Dak Prescott sign the Dallas Cowboys’ final contract offer or not?

The Dallas Cowboys have submitted their final contract offer to quarterback Dak Prescott.

Both parties have a day to come to a long-term extension before the July 15 deadline. Otherwise, Prescott will have to play on the 2020 NFL franchise tag at around $31 million. While Prescott has never garnered anything close to a contract like that, he may not end up signing the supposed final contract offer from the Joneses.

According to Jane Slater of the NFL Network, “the final offer on the table for Dak Prescott is between 33-35M annually with over 100M guaranteed. While there have still been no discussions between the two that’s the deal the #Cowboys have presented ahead of tomorrow’s deadline.”

Once Patrick Mahomes signed his record-setting deal with the Kansas City Chiefs that’ll net him over $500 million through the 2031 NFL season, Prescott had no shot at becoming the highest paid player in NFL history. That ship has sailed, but it doesn’t seem that he or the Cowboys are on the same page, as both parties aren’t close to coming to an agreement on an extension.

Is Dak Prescott preparing to bet on himself and play on the franchise tag?

While it is debatable if he likes that, it seems to be in Prescott’s best interest to play on the tag and bet on himself. Prescott could play at a Pro Bowl level under new head coach Mike McCarthy with many great weapons around him. All that would do is give the Cowboys another opportunity to tag him Kirk Cousins style. Then again, they may just let him walk in favor of Andy Dalton.

It is also in the Cowboys’ best interest to play hard ball here. They drafted Prescott in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft out of Mississippi State University. He may have been a great player for Dan Mullen in Starkville, but we didn’t expect his game to translate this marvelously to the professional level. Some scouts thought he kind of gave off a Tim Tebow vibe as a pro prospect.

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If Prescott doesn’t sign on the dotted line, they can roll with Dalton for another year in 2021 while they look to NFL Draft to find a suitable long-term replacement. Surely, there will be some team looking for a high quality starter like Prescott, but no team immediately comes to mind right now. There will be a suitor outside of Dallas if he hits free agency again, but we don’t know who just yet.

Dallas has laid out its final offer to Prescott, but will he end up signing it by the July 15 deadline?

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