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NFL not expected to force Dan Snyder to sell his team

The NFL isn’t expected to force Dan Snyder to sell his team despite reports of sexual misconduct within the organization, per The Washington Post.

Mark Maske of The Washington Post reported Friday that the NFL is not expected to force Washington owner Dan Snyder to sell his team despite reports of rampant sexual harassment within the organization.

Maske tweeted that if the NFL finds that the reports are true after its investigation, the league is likely to fine Snyder, but it currently appears that that would be the extent of the punishment. Just days after the organization retired its offensive team name, these reports have exposed the extent of the dysfunction that has occurred under Snyder.

While the organization seemed to be getting on the right track after hiring head coach Ron Rivera in the offseason, the past week’s reports have exposed deep-seated corruption from Snyder and other team executives.

Sponsors and minority owners have responded by cutting funding, removing merchandise, and looking to sell stakes, as change does not appear likely for as long as Snyder is in charge. The team’s brass has repeatedly shown itself to be incompetent, with former executive Bruce Allen receiving plenty of criticism from fans and players alike.

Unfortunately, reports of sexual harassment are just the latest troubling reports out of the organization. With a complete rebrand on the way and Rivera hoping to change the culture, fans certainly hope that Washington can clean up its act.

However, Snyder’s leadership has proven to be inadequate time and time again, and new ownership will likely be the key to fully changing the culture. While the NFL and its owners may not force Snyder’s hand into selling the team, it is likely in the organization’s best interest that he does so.

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