Rams’ Cooper Kupp provided 84,000 meals for food banks

The Los Angeles Rams’ top receiver is making a huge impact of the field

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in March, many citizens were out of jobs and with no source of income, making food that much harder to come by for families.

We’ve seen Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott make a hefty donation to provide food for thousands of families. Recently, Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp stepped up to send $21,000 to a variety of food banks, which equates to 84,000 meals being provided to struggling families.

“There are many societal issues that need our attention,” said Kupp, via the Rams’ official website. “There is a movement for equality and justice. A movement for the fair treatment and humanitarian rights of our brothers and sisters, and our sons and daughters. It’s a battle more than worthy of fighting for. There is also a battle to care for the people whose livelihood has been taken from them and their means of providing for their families stripped from them due to circumstances outside of their control. The common ground is the compassion for people who are hurting, and my family and I believe that it will be people helping people that will raise us to a better place and pull us through this time. ”

Kupp scored an important touchdown off the field

The food banks to receive Kupp’s donation include the LA Regional Food Bank and Food Share Ventura County in California. Additionally, Kupp sent money to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which supports families in his hometown of Yakima, Wash.

Kupp followed the lead of teammates Jared Goff and Andrew Whitworth, whom each donated $250,000 to the LA Food Bank to supply 2 million meals for Los Angeles residents back in March.

During these times of need, it’s good to see a high-profile player help out those in need, especially during a global pandemic. Kupp saw the amount of families unable to put food on the table and opted to lend his always reliable hands.

Kudos to Kupp for doing something way more impactful than scoring a touchdown on an NFL Sunday.

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